My friend, i just want to share my
investing journey
with you for last year 2020.

i’m sure it wasn’t an easy year for a
lot of
people and i just want to be honest to
share not just my success
as well as my struggles. I began to
a few years ago and came to this year
oh man! i lost
a big sum of money. It was a big struggle
for me to cut
my losses and i lost five figure
digits. Maybe some of you are able
to identify with me
or went through the same experience.

I just want to encourage you
that don’t be discouraged, you are not

And right now i had recovered
my losses and now manage a six-figure
i’ll share with you with you how i
did that. I’ll use apple stock as an
to illustrate my point i do appreciate
an early thumbs up
as it helps to reach out to more people.
thank you. You see, before the flu, i was
anyone else, investing into stocks,
believing that
it is a bull run. I earn good passive

And the flu happened and it spread like
crazy. I was shocked!
i was caught off guard and many
were panicked and were in fear likewise for myself,
i was fearful. This is something that had
never happened before.

Nobody has seen this. The market was
going down and
down and down. Will it ever recover?
i began to doubt. That time I was
holding some
buy call positions and
i had to make a decision
so i decided to cut my loss because i
was fearful
because i’m not so sure if the market is
going to
recover anytime soon and i lost
five figure digit because of that
and begin to lost confidence in myself
in the way i
invest. Am i really suitable
to invest? There are so many thoughts
in. I couldn’t sleep well. The emotions
are in like fluctuations.

Every day the news are negative that
is getting worse and i was
like oh?!? and my portfolio
are all in the red. Then the Ah-ha
moment came! Some time ago i was doing
paper trade using not real money
to play around and i have totally
about it. Somehow i
began to check my paper trade account
and to my shock, this is the aha moment!

I did a buy call option
for Apple stocks. I bought 10 contracts
that is worth um that was about $10k
and now it was worth more than $200k
wow my aha moment although it was not
the real money
but this aha moment changed my mindset
my thinking and my strategy going

I began to realize that i was actually
not investing. Trading is for the short term
investing is for the long term. If i had
hold on to my stops for a longer period
of time
and not cut off due to fear, i would have

So this
aha moment really helped me to change
the way i approached. This time around
i was going for the long term ,no longer
was i
trading for the short term
and i managed to recover my loss
and now my portfolio is in the green. I
was reminded once again that nobody in
the world
even the best investor guru warren
buffett himself
knows how to predict the short term.
It goes up and down but for the long
term everybody
knows that it will eventually goes
up. So i begin to start
investing for the long term.
You see from the late february to
june for Apple stock it went from the
to the breakthrough of the next high.

It just took less than four months.
It was such a short term and the market
was in a
v-shaped recovery.

What i’ll share with
is that winter
is not permanent.
Winter comes and it will go. Spring
and summer will eventually come. Even as
i speak of right now, for september
the market seems to be going down and
but fear not, it will eventually go up.

You see, market is not always
going up and up and up. It will go up and
down and
up and down but eventually over the long
term it will just go
up. Apple is one of the stocks that i
and i truly believed in it it has good
it has good technical chart trends
and there are raving fans in the
world, around the world, behind this
strong brand.

Now as long as i believe as long as
you buy in the long term and
invest into good business you will be
able to see the profits
and more importantly during the flu
many businesses were going down their
were affected but Apple
instead of for their revenue, instead of
going down,
it went up instead. And more importantly
Apple is one of the biggest stocks that
warren buffett himself owned. What are
the key takeaways?
i remember tony robbins actually said
he said that investing is 80%
psychology 20% skillset
and i also remember what Warren Buffett
said he said that
be greedy when everyone is fearful and
be fearful when everyone’s greedy.
What does it mean? it means that when the
market is going down,
it is a time to go in because this is
the time where you can
fetch good prices but when the market is
going up and up be very fearful because
it can just come down.

So i really learned how to invest
in the long term, to look at the longer
period of time, to look at good
businesses to invest
and most importantly to have an
unshakable mindset that even when the
market is going down,
you know that you have made the right investment and
have the strength to hold on to the

Nobody can predict the short term.
Fluctuations are normal in the short
term it will go up and down but in the long run in the long term, it will go up. Spring and Summer will come.

Entrepreneur & Investor