Forgiveness is not about whether the person is deserved it or not

It is about whether you want to free yourself

It is not about forgetting the offense

It is not excusing the wrong behavior.

It is not even about loving that person again, trusting that person.

Forgiveness is a decision.

My responsibility is recovering from the offense, not holding accountable of the offense

“No….I won’t forgive him/her cos that person has not apologized”

But why would you give away your key of freedom to the hands of that person.

Forgiveness does not depend on whether that person has apologized…

I believe these 4 stocks are going to be bullish after the earnings annoucement.

How do you trade on earnings announcement? Not trading by the number of stocks but by the absolute amount that you invest. As this is purely for trading, a safe way is to allocate less than 10% of your portfolio to this.

Below is an illustration of how to allocate your portfolio properly. This is the wrong way of doing which most people do.

Below is the correct way of diversifying your risk equally.

My friend, i just want to share my
investing journey
with you for last year 2020.

i’m sure it wasn’t an easy year for a
lot of
people and i just want to be honest to
share not just my success
as well as my struggles. I began to
a few years ago and came to this year
oh man! i lost
a big sum of money. It was a big struggle
for me to cut
my losses and i lost five figure
digits. …


Entrepreneur & Investor

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